Welcome to RK Wines and Spirits online home. We strive to be your friendly neighborhood store by providing you with the kind of service you deserve when choosing your wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Whether stocking up for your next big party or just looking for some beverages to help you rinse away some of the cares of the day, we offer a huge selection of wines and spirits custom collected to meet the needs and wants of our community. Browse our shelves and, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know.

photo credit: Sidecar Cocktail via photopin (license)


“I came in a few weeks ago looking for Hendricks and now you have it. Thanks for doing such a good job”   ~James M., Horn Lake

We are conveniently located between the Kroger grocery store and the new Walmart Supercenter in Horn Lake, MS. We look forward to serving you soon.